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If you already have a Merchant Account at a bank, which allows you to authorize buyers' card accounts for direct payment into your bank account, then Authorize.Net would be the online equivalent of your in-store card-swipe/keypad terminal for card payment authorizations.

Authorize.Net supports Merchant Accounts at banks based in the USA, Canada, and Australia, but not all Merchant Account banks support Authorize.Net, so inquire about that when looking for a bank to provide your Merchant Account if you don't have one already.

How to integrate E-junkie and Authorize.Net

  1. Log into your Authorize.Net account:
    • Go to Account > API Login ID and Transaction Key;
    • Note down that information.
  2. Log into your E-junkie Seller Admin:
    • Go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile;
    • Click More Payment Options at the bottom of the screen;
    • Under the section Accept Credit Cards, select Authorize.Net;
    • Enter the API Login ID and Transaction key you'd noted down from your Authorize.Net account in the spaces provided
      (note these are not the same as your Authorize.Net account login)
    • Click Submit to apply changes;
    • Go to Seller Admin > Add New Product to add your product in E-junkie and copy the button code we provide to paste into your Web site.

Special Notes:

  • You can combine regular PayPal Payments Standard with Authorize.Net to offer buyers a choice of payment methods;
  • However, Authorize.Net cannot be combined with other Payment Gateways such as PayPal Payments Pro/Advanced, PayPal Payflow Pro/Link, 2Checkout, Braintree, or Stripe in our system, as you can only use one gateway provider to accept card-based direct payments with our system.