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Sell eBooks, comics, music and videos offline

E-junkie gives you unique download codes for your digital downloads to let you sell them offline. You sell in stores, fairs and shows! Print these codes and seal them in envelopes, or get fancy and get scratch cards made. Get creative!

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How to sell downloads offline using E-junkie?

When you sell digital goods online, we generate a unique, expiring download link for each buyer after their payment is completed. However, if you want to sell downloads offline, the buyer would need a way to download after they pay you in person. E-junkie gives you a way to generate download claim codes for such offline purchases, along with a page buyers can visit to enter their claim code and get their download.

Once a code is claimed, it expires and gets locked to that specific browser app and device, so it cannot be used on any other; that device will then be able to attempt downloading the file for up to a month (or until they clear cookies, whichever happens first).

You can try the demo here. Use the following coupon code; this particular code does NOT expire, for demo purposes:

How to generate codes?

  • Login to E-junkie Seller Admin
  • Click on Sell Downloads Offline in the sidebar.
  • Choose a product from the dropdown Select Product
  • Click on Generate Codes. The app creates 20 Coupon Codes in the format XXXX-XXXX.
  • To see your previously created codes or delete any code, click on View Codes and then on the right side you can use the Delete button to delete any code or see the status of any code.

How to use generated codes

  • You can print or write each code on a unique card, and sell them in a sealed envelope;
  • Buyers will need to go to get.e-junkie.com and enter their code;
  • Once we verify the buyer's code, they can proceed to download;
  • The code will then expire and be locked to that specific browser app and device;
  • The buyer may continue attempting the download on that specific device for up to a month, or until they clear cookies, whichever happens first.