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Selling package products that bundle multiple files

Selling packaged products that bundle multiple files (like music albums)

Approach A: Fast and easy

If you just want to sell a packaged product because your product consists of multiple files, just compress all your files into a single ZIP file and upload it to a Single File Download product. This is fast, easy and only consumes one product slot. However, this approach is not ideal if you will also be selling each file separately on E-junkie; see Approach B below for a better way to handle that scenario.


Older versions of ZIP programs could not handle files larger than 4 GB. This restriction does not apply to current programs, but given that large files also take a long time to download, it is not a bad idea to leave groups of large files separate, or otherwise to split up large archives into smaller pieces that can be more easily downloaded individually using Approach B below.

Approach B: More flexible approach

This method would be best suited when you are also selling each file individually as well as bundled together into a package deal, or otherwise when creating a .ZIP archive would be impractical. This will also work to combine product-specific redirection and file downloads together into a bundle product, which issues a collection links for each of those files/redirections together. Finally, this can also be used to create a product that affects the inventory remaining in stock for other products which Limit available stock.

For example, musicians often use this feature to sell complete albums comprising tracks they also sell individually. Other sellers may use it to provide package deals to their customers like, "Buy A & B together for just $X.XX". You could also use this method if you need to provide the same single file(s) for multiple different products.

  1. Create separate products for each individual file by going to Seller Admin > Add New Product;
  2. Once you Submit each single-file product, you can upload its file and get Add to Cart or Buy Now buttons to sell these individual products separately;
  3. Create another product for your bundle by going to Seller Admin > Add New Product, tick the box to Show advanced settings at the top, then scroll down and tick the box to Bundle Other Products;
  4. This will display a list of other products which already have Single File Download, Redirection, or Limit Available Stock enabled;
  5. Select the other product(s) that already have a file which the bundle product should issue (or whose inventory in stock should be affected)—to select multiple items or deselect any item, hold the Ctrl key (on PC) or Command key (on Mac) while clicking;
  6. Click Submit to apply the new settings;
  7. Obtain your Add to Cart or Buy Now button to sell the bundle product on your Web site.

When buyers purchase your bundle product, they will be able to download each file and/or access the redirection URLs via a list of individual buttons we provide for each file/redirection; this list is presented in alphabetical order according to the bundled product names, so if you want them to appear in a particular order, start your bundled product names with 01, 02, and so forth.

  • PDF files issued for products using the Bundle Other Products setting cannot engage our PDF Stamping feature, which only works with products using Single File Download with an uploaded PDF;
  • The link expiration settings will be the same for each link in the bundle, going by the maximum Attempts/Hours you specify in the bundle product's settings (rather than applying the expiration settings of each product in the bundle);
  • Purchasing a bundle product is not the same as purchasing its bundled products individually; the bundle is its own distinct product, which just happens to issue files already uploaded to other products and/or affect other products' inventory counts, and that's all it can do regarding other products—i.e., anything else you want the bundle product to do should be set up for the bundle product itself;
  • Need to make a bundle that doesn't issue other products' files nor affect their inventory? You don't need to use the bundling feature at all; just make a new product that you will understand to be a combination of other products when you fulfill that order.

Approach C: Providing free bonus files

If you're offering bonus files with purchase of your main download product and not terribly concerned about theft of the bonus files—e.g., if the bonus files would be fairly useless or trivial without the main download file itself—you could just upload those files to your Web site or a third-party file-hosting service, then place static links to those files in the thank-you/download page we generate for the main download product. Your HTML for those links would go in the Product Thank-you Page HTML field of the relevant product's settings, so they will only be displayed on the thank-you page when that product is purchased. Bear in mind that since you'd be providing these bonus files via static links, buyers could conceivably share those bonus links with others, who could use them to obtain the bonus files directly without a purchase. One advantage of this approach is that you could still apply PDF Stamping to the main download file.