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E-junkie Guide

Tips and tools for beginners and experts alike.


Web designers and developers who can help you with your E-junkie setup and implementing our cart in your site, program custom scripts to accomplish special needs, and other custom requirements. Have you implemented E-junkie Shopping Cart for a client? Contact us now to get included in this directory.

Specialist Developers:

General E-junkie Setup & Custom Development Services:


PCI certification, SSL and Site Seals

  • ControlScan
    These guys are serious about security and have amazing customer support. If you need an SSL certificate or a site seal to assure your buyers about a safe shopping enviroment, you can get it from ControlScan.

Website Builders

  • SiteKreator
    Easy to use, professional site builder which supports E-junkie.


  • DreamHost
    We host all our side projects and auxiliary sites at DreamHost (aside from itself, as that's co-located at a secure datacenter here in Tucson). They provide ample of space and have been as reliable as one could expect.  What we love about them is a great trurnaround time for responding to support e-mails and non-canned replies. You can use the code EJDOLLARS while registering with them to get $50 off your order.

Domain Name Registration

  • Dotster
    We transferred and related domains to Dotster quite a long time ago (after hearing horror strories about other Registrars), and we plan to stick with them (unless we start a Co-Op style Domain registration service of our own some day).

Advanced Post-Checkout Integration

  • cartWiz
    From the developer behind EasyE-junkie -- cartWiz can retrieve your order data to perform many additional functions beyond what E-junkie itself supports natively, including tools to help you manage your business and integration modules for many third-party services.

Free Webmaster Resources

  • TheFreeCountry
    A great resource site for all sorts of free tools like text editors, website authoring software, FTP programs, back utilities and whatnot!
  • HTML Dog
    The Webmaster's best friend! :^) Awesome HTML and CSS tutorials from Beginner to Advanced level, along with handy lookup references (say, what's that tag again?). Helps you learn it right the first time according to Web coding standards and best practices (so you don't have to unlearn bad habits and fix things later)!
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