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Using this link will waive any upfront application fee that may otherwise apply

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Currently available to Merchants in the US, UK, and Canada;
Accept credit card payments without requiring the buyer to have a PayPal account;
Integrates direct card payments and PayPal payments in a single payment-processor solution;
Get PayPals industry-leading security & fraud-prevention systems including Advanced Fraud Management Filters;
Take advantage of comprehensive PayPals online reports that help you measure sales and manage your business easily;
Click here to learn more and sign up for PayPal Payments Pro.

How to integrate E-junkie and PayPal Payments Pro

Special Notes:

If you just want to use PayPal Payments Standard with your PayPal Business or Premier account, rather than upgrading to PayPal Payments Pro, just follow these instructions instead of using the procedure below.

  1. Register here for an E-junkie account if you don't have one.

  2. Setup a Verified PayPal Business Account

  3. Apply for PayPal Payments Pro

    1. Click here to sign up for PayPal Payments Pro;
    2. Click the Get Started button;
    3. Click the Apply Online button;
    4. Fill in your information and submit your application. Approval may take 24-48 hours;
    5. Once approved, accept the PayPal Payments Pro billing agreement.
  4. Setup API Access

    1. Log into your PayPal account;
    2. Go to [your name] > Account Settings > Website payments;
    3. Next to API Access, click Update;
    4. Under Pre-built payment solution click Grant API Permission;
    5. The Add New Third Party Permissions page appears;
    6. Enter our Third Party Permission Username:
      (you can copy-paste this to make sure it's accurate);
    7. Click the Lookup button. Our partner username will then be verified and you will be shown a list of permissions that you can give us;
    8. Checkmark the following boxes under the list of Available Permissions:
      • ☑ Use Express Checkout to process payments
      • ☑ Process your customers credit or debit card payments
      • ☑ Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions
    9. Click Add or Save.
  5. Enable PayPal Payments Pro in E-junkie

    1. Log into your E-junkie Dashboard;
    2. Go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile;
    3. Click More Payment Options at the bottom of the screen;
    4. Under the section Accept Credit Cards, select PayPal Payments Pro;
    5. Click Submit to apply changes.

Now you're ready to start adding products to sell, so you can obtain E-junkie Cart buttons to place on your site. If you have already added products in your E-junkie Dashboard and placed E-junkie Cart buttons on your site, then your existing Cart buttons will automatically pick up this change and start offering buyers a separate checkout button to Pay Using Card in your E-junkie Cart.