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Stripe is a full-stack card-payments platform that replaces the traditional model of sourcing a Payment Gateway and Merchant Account from different providers, sparing you the costs, hassles and limitations of that approach. Buyers worldwide can simply pay you directly with any major card type, without requiring them to register for a Stripe account, and they support merchants based in numerous countries worldwide. Stripe would deposit checkout payment funds (less their transaction fee) to your regular bank account.

How to integrate E-junkie and Stripe

NOTE: Stripe must approve your account application with them before they will start authorizing card transactions for you; for this reason, we'd advise registering with them first, then wait for approval before performing the integration steps below.

  1. Log into your E-junkie Dashboard:
    • Go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile;
    • Click More Payment Options at the bottom of the screen;
    • Under the section Accept Credit Cards, select Stripe;
    • Below that, the Stripe Status section will appear;
    • Click Connect With Stripe there.
  2. That will take you to Stripe account login/registration:
    • Enter the email address you will use with your Stripe account and click Continue:
      • If you entered an email for an existing Stripe account, enter your password for that Stripe account and click Log in;
      • If you entered an email to register for a new Stripe account, enter the password you want to use and click Continue to finish registration.
    • Click Connect to link your Stripe and E-junkie accounts.
  3. That will take you back to your E-junkie Profile:
    • You will find your Connected Stripe Account ID automatically filled in;
    • Click Submit to apply changes;
    • If you already have E-junkie Cart buttons in your site, or if you're selling from an E-junkie Marketplace Shop or using our Product Page buttons/links those should automatically pick up your new card-based checkout method using Stripe;
    • If you haven't set up products or buttons for E-junkie yet, just click Add Product to set up your product(s) in the E-junkie Dashboard, then copy the purchase button/link code we provide to paste into your Web site.

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