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Payumoney is an affordable online payment gateway provider in India, enabling small business to integrate online payment gateway services without any setup cost.

How to integrate E-junkie and PayUmoney


  1. If you don't already have a Paytm account, sign up with PayUmoney;
  2. Sign into your PayUmoney account:
    1. Go to API & Plugins;
    2. Leave this panel open, so you can copy and paste integration credentials into your E-junkie Profile (see below).
  3. Open a new browser window/tab and sign into your E-junkie Seller Admin:
    1. Click Edit Profile;
    2. Under the section Accept Credit Cards, select Paytm;
    3. Switch back to the window/tab where you left your Paytm Dashboard open;
    4. Use your computer's copy-paste commands to copy the Private API Key from Paytm and paste it into the API Key field in your E-junkie Profile;
    5. Then copy and paste your Private Auth Token from Paytm into the Auth Token field in your E-junkie Profile;
    6. Copy and paste your Private Salt into the Key Salt field in your E-junkie Profile;
    7. Click Submit to apply changes;
    8. You can now switch back to Paytm and log out there.
  4. Go to E-junkie Seller Admin > Add product to add your product in E-junkie:
    • Be sure to select Indian Rupee as the Currency for your product pricing;
    • Once you add a product, copy the button code we provide to paste into your Web site.

Special Notes:

  • Paytm cannot be combined with other Payment Gateways such as PayPal Payments Pro/Advanced, PayPal Payflow Pro/Link, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Razorpay, or Stripe in our system, as you can only use one gateway provider to accept card-based direct payments with our system;
  • You can combine regular PayPal Payments Standard with Paytm in the same E-junkie account to offer a choice of payment methods, but bear in mind:
    • If you are based in India, PayPal would block payments from Indian buyers;
    • Paytm requires pricing to be in Indian Rupees (INR), whereas PayPal does not support INR as a pricing currency, so you would need to add duplicate products priced in INR and some other currency PayPal supports;
    • Our shopping cart can only hold items in a single currency, so to avoid problems we would recommend having separate sales pages for Indian vs. non-Indian buyers; your sales page for India would have buttons for items priced in INR, and your other sales page would have items priced in your other currency.