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Can I set approved Authorize.Net payments to pending status at checkout and then review them manually later?

We do not support delayed fulfillment of orders for pending payments with Authorize.Net; we can only fulfill orders immediately following checkout if they are paid via Authorize.Net. If an authorized payment is placed "on hold" at checkout and then settled manually at some later point separately, after the buyer has completed their checkout, Authorize.Net has no way to inform our system of that completed payment. To fulfill downloads manually for such pending payments, you can issue download links using your Seller Admin > Manage Buyers > Send free download link feature.

We do have a setting Seller Admin > Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences to Only Authorize all payments at the time of checkout without settling the actual charge, so you could review and settle such payments manually later, but in this case our system would still process the sale as soon as Authorize.Net authorizes the amount for payment without waiting for subsequent settlement of the actual payment.