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Will the E-junkie cart work in "smart phone" mobile browsers?

E-junkie is already tested and compatible with smartphones that use a mobile version of a real Web browser (e.g., Android Browser, Mobile Firefox, Mobile Safari for iPhone, Mobile Opera, IE for Windows Mobile, etc.).

To make best use of the available screen size on mobile devices, we detect these browsers and make the cart display in its own popup tab for them, rather than trying to display our usual overlay-style cart within your own page, as the latter could make the cart appear too small or cramped on such a small screen. This also allows full support for the standard pinch/swipe touchscreen gestures to zoom/pan the display.

If you have uploaded a custom logo/header image in your E-junkie Profile, for best results on mobile devices we recommend using an image no more than 300px wide, as the non-overlay cart has to be rendered wide enough to contain your header image. Using a wider header image can wind up making the cart display far wider than it strictly needs to be on small screens, which can make for an unsatisfactory buyer experience as they'd have to pan sideways or zoom out to see the full cart.