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Is there a maximum size limit for files I can sell with E-junkie?

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  • If you are uploading your product file to store on our server as a download, our uploader can accept files of any size, up to the remaining space available for your subscription plan (upload storage space is unlimited during your initial free trial period);
  • If you are using our Remotely Hosted Downloads feature (available for digital-product plans starting at $20/mo and up), where you have us pull the file from a Remote Product File URL on your own server (rather than uploading the files to us), this can handle files up to 20 GB maximum size per file;
  • Bear in mind that any download is only as fast as the slowest link in the network route, which is usually the buyer's own ISP connection; you can use a download time calculator to estimate how long it would take a buyer to download your file, considering that many areas only offer residential broadband up to 1.5–3 Mbps;
  • For extremely large files, you may wish to consider using our integration with disc-fulfillment services to have them automatically duplicate your file data onto a CD or DVD and mail that to the buyer on-demand whenever an order comes in.