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What is the name of the file that is downloaded?

For files uploaded to our server, the downloaded filename will match either your original as-uploaded filename or the product's Item Name, whichever is shorter. At present, we can only support Latin (ASCII, UTF-8, Latin-1) characters in filenames.

For Remotely Hosted Downloads, the filename at the end of your Remote Product File URL will be retained as-is for the buyer's download.

In either case, if the resulting filename has any spaces or symbols that are forbidden in filenames on any platform ( \ / ? & * | : < > ' ; , ), those will be replaced by an underscore ( _ ) in the downloaded filename, and all letters will be normalized to all-lowercase -- e.g., a file upload originally named Mom&Dad's Recipes v1.0.pdf will become mom_dad_s_recipes_v1.0.pdf when the buyer downloads their copy.

Make sure that the file you provide has a valid filename extension (e.g. .pdf, .exe, .doc, .zip, .mp3, etc.) indicating the type of file, or else the buyer will most likely be unable to open the file.

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