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Can I receive the buyer's payment info to process offline payments manually?

E-junkie is a shopping-cart service, which means buyers add items to a cart and proceed to checkout to render their payment online. We have no method to take an online order without proceeding to an online checkout, not least due to the high potential for fraudulent offline payments (e.g., stolen card numbers, forged moneyorders/checks, etc.) and abuse/hacking (intercepted email, etc.) which are largely prevented with the major online payment processors that we support, not to mention that buyers ordering online typically expect to pay online and may be unsettled by not being allowed to do so, so that would hurt your conversion rate.

If you already have a card merchant account that allows you to take credit/debit card payments in your regular "offline" business and simply want to take payments that way, you can use our cart with Authorize.Net to extend your existing card-acceptance privileges to your online business transactions as well -- this works just like an online version of your in-store card-swipe terminal. This would also give you access to the buyer's actual payment-account information. You also would not want to take card numbers online and simply have those emailed to you, as email is inherently insecure, so that could be exposing your customers to potential card or ID theft. These services can also provide you with a Virtual Terminal to process offline order payments (e.g. mailorder forms, phone orders, or in-person purchases) manually if you wish.

Billing variable/bid-quote costs

If you are requesting offline payment because of a highly-variable cost component that must be calculated and quoted manually (e.g., a nonstandard shipping/transit service), you could take an online order and payment for the fixed price of the merchandise itself, with an explanation that Shipping/Transit (or other variable) charges would be calculated and charged separately after purchase of the merchandise itself. Then you could create a special product for Shipping/variable costs, with all optional settings unchecked; when you obtain the Buy Now button code for that product, append &amount=123.45 (or whatever your final variable-cost amount was) to the end of that button URL, and either email that full URL link directly to the buyer or post the full Buy Now button code to a page that you send the buyer to, so they can click the link/button to instantly checkout for their actual Shipping/variable amount. You could even post the Buy Now code permanently on a page that you have scripted to insert each buyer's actual cost amount into the Buy Now button URL when they arrive there.