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Why did I receive an email saying my PayPal email had been changed?

You may have read a message that looks like this:

Subject: Your E-junkie PayPal email changed

Your E-junkie PayPal email has been successfully changed from this@domain.com to that@hostname.net.

This change was requested from IP Address


That message is just confirming that you have added or changed a PayPal email setting in your E-junkie profile, so you can now receive payments in the PayPal account with the newer email specified.

If you ever receive a message like that informing you of a change you did not make regarding a new PayPal email that is not your own, that would indicate your account had been hacked into, so in that case you should immediately log into your account to change the setting back and also change the password on at least your E-junkie account, PayPal account and email account.