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What PDF security/permissions settings can PDF Stamping retain or apply?

Our PDF Stamper creates a new PDF for each buyer with new security settings to match what you enter within your E-junkie product settings. These settings will replace any security that was on the original file.

Because of the way our Stamper works as a PDF authoring program itself and creates a brand-new PDF document for each buyer, it has to apply any security settings to each Stamped copy itself; these cannot be simply duplicated or "carried over" from the original source document. Thus, the Stamper applies sensibly secure document permissions that forbid actions relevant to piracy/plagiarism or removal of the stamp, while allowing other actions that many PDF sellers may actually want buyers to be able to perform, and giving you the option to allow or forbid printing or copy/pasting of text.

Our PDF Stamper adds the longest possible, randomized Master password to each buyer's Stamped copy; this encrypts the file's contents and locks the document permissions it applies to the file, which would forbid editing capabilities relevant to piracy or plagiarism: namely, actions pertaining to document creation (adding/deleting/changing the existing content) and document assembly (adding/removing/reordering pages).

However, the Stamper also permits superficial editing actions which do not affect the original content, such as filling in form fields, adding comments, and the ability to "sign" the document digitally. For instance, a buyer might be expected to type some data into some form fields provided in the file, add a digital signature key to prove it was really them who filled in the form, and then submit the completed file somewhere.