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When the buyer is sent the "thank you" email, whose return address will they see?

Normally, the buyer would see the message as coming from whatever Display Name you have entered in E-junkie Seller Admin > Manage Seller Acocunt > Edit Profile. To help buyers contact you, we also include a Reply-to: header with your Display Name and Display Email, so buyers can send you a message by simply replying to any thank-you email they receive.

However, since the message is not actually being sent from a mailserver @ your domain, the anti-spam policies of major email providers require that we identify ourselves, the real sender, with a sending email address @ our domain, so From: "Your Display Name" <client@e-junkie.com> would be the full sender's header. This is necessary to greatly reduce the likelihood of your thank-you emails being flagged as spam (or even rejected outright), so while not ideal for business identification, it is really in the best interest of buyers and sellers alike.