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Is E-junkie secure for buyers?

The only place sensitive information such as the buyer's name, email, shipping address, and payment-account information would be transmitted is during checkout, which occurs either on a trusted payment processor's secure checkout site (e.g. PayPal) or on a secure checkout page we manage for you (for card-based direct payments using PayPal Pro or Authorize.Net).

The security of those pages can be verified during checkout by looking for the page URL starting with https: (the s indicates SSL-encrypted security) and other security indicators built-into the browser's toolbars, such as a padlock icon or site-identification bar. Our checkout pages for card payments also display a live badge for GeoTrust that can only appear when the page domain matches the SSL encryption certificate securing it, and which can be clicked for further information.

Before checkout while the buyer is still shopping in your online store, all cart orders in progress do not involve the transmission of any personal/financial data which needs to be secured, making those pending orders effectively anonymous and untraceable to any particular individual; therefore, your main store/product pages do not need to be secured with an encrypted connection.