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Custom Scenarios

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Custom Scenarios Using E-junkie

  • converting multiple buy now buttons to radio buttons or dropdowns
  • having a registration agreement
  • upselling
  • adding multiple items to cart
  • passing discount codes
  • related to variants
  • related to button code
  • using third party afflt. program
  • sending multiple notif. emails
  • selling other's products
  • optimization by not using ssl
  • multi add
  • show num or cart items on your page
  • using non js code and getting js cart
  • todo from tyson
  • using grid style variants
  • passing discount code
  • how to sell like radiohead
  • how to sell like radiohead but with a minimum price
  • how to use e-junkie to sell offline
  • how to use cname/js to mask e-junkie links
  • get tuts by tunecode and sitekreator

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