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Selling with E-junkie on craigslist

Selling with E-junkie on craigslist

Craigslist does not allow posting external links of any sort anymore, so you cannot put an actual E-junkie purchase button or link in your craigslist classified ad; however, what you can do is paste a link URL into your ad, which the buyer can then copy and paste into their browser to place an order.

While you could obtain the bare link URL from your button codes and paste that into your craigslist ad, this could possibly unsettle buyers, so it would be better to just post a link to your Web site where you have placed E-junkie purchase buttons. If you don't have a Web site of your own, you can post product listings in your E-junkie Shop and then post a link to your E-junkie Shop in your craigslist ad.

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