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How can E-junkie provide "unlimited" bandwidth?

Everybody knows, bandwidth is not free. We pay to have a humongous amount of bandwidth availalbe (far more than we actually use), but rather than arbitrarily limiting, metering, or allocating parts of it for our clientele individually, we give you uncapped access to our entire bandwidth pool. Even though the small monthly fee each merchant pays us only covers a fraction of the total bandwidth we make available, we are able to provide unrestricted access by pooling our bandwidth together for all merchants (as not all merchants have high bandwidth requirements) and then adding a safety buffer even beyond that to make sure we never run out.

Furthermore, the nature of demand for digital products, along with the fact we issue each buyer a unique link that expires, taken together also tend to naturally constrain how much bandwidth is actually used, and merchants who have large and/or many files to deliver also pay us more for larger plans with more upload storage, which roughly corresponds to how much more bandwidth they use, so that keeps our bandwidth-pool cost-sharing fair.