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E-junkie can deliver digital goods sold on eBay

If you are selling on eBay, E-junkie can help with automatic delivery of digital products such as ebooks, documents, software, phone cards, serial/license/registration/PIN codes, and more!

  • We can automatically prodivde unique and expiring download links, code keys, and/or other information via email.
  • When we are informed of a payment we will send the product within your E-junkie account that matches the Title of your eBay listing, so it is important that the Title of your listing and the name of your product are an exact match.
  • E-junkie is completely compatible with eBay collective payments, even if the payment includes any items which are not added in your E-junkie Dashboard (we'll just ignore those when we process the order).
  • We will query your eBay account for new transactions every 5 minutes, so it may take that long for us to email a link/code to the buyer after their payment is completed.

How to use E-junkie for eBay digital delivery

  1. Integrate your E-junkie and eBay accounts—this step is only required ONCE:
    1. In your E-junkie Dashboard, go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Preferences;
    2. Scroll down to the Webhook & Integrations section and click the eBay Integration button;
    3. This will take you to Sign into your eBay account;
    4. Click the I agree button on the agreement page you're taken to;
    5. This will redirect you back to your E-junkie Dashboard.
  2. Create your eBay item listing
    • When you enter your item listing Title, copy and save it somewhere as you will need to paste that into your E-junkie product settings later—copy it directly from the text-entry box where you type it, not from the live listing page later, as that will not be accurate if you have any double spaces between characters.
    • Make sure you keep Shipping enabled for your listing:
      • You can Change the shipping details, but keep Ship your item ticked to have us receive the buyer's email address;
      • If you won't be shipping a tangible product to the buyer, select Free Shipping and tick I don't know the package details;
      • Avoid using the Local Pickup option, as that would not send us the buyers' email address.
    • If you will be shipping/mailing a physical copy, you could use E-junkie to provide an instant digital download version for the buyer to enjoy while they wait for their physical copy to arrive;
    • If your item is a tangible product, you can use E-junkie to provide an accompanying file, such as a product manual, firmware file/utility, device driver, etc.
    • Bear in mind current eBay policy on selling digitally delivered goods—e.g.:
      • When you sell digitally delivered goods on eBay, you must include a statement in your listing and product that says you legally own the content or are authorized to sell it;
      • You can't sell digitally delivered goods that could damage a buyer's devices, be used maliciously, or to invade privacy;
      • In addition, you can't sell any digital content that you aren't authorized to sell;
      • You'll find more details on specific digitally delivered goods that aren't allowed on eBay in their full policy for digitally delivered goods, here.
  3. Add your product in E-junkie Admin:
    You need to do this step only once for each product you are selling on eBay. You will not need to repeat this when you re-list your product on eBay, as long as you retain the same listing Title on eBay.
    • In your E-junkie Dashboard, click Add Product;
    • Copy the item listing Title you'd entered in eBay and paste that as the product's Item Name in E-junkie;
    • You can enter any Price you want, as that is not considered for eBay sales;
    • Currency should be the same as the currency you are accepting in your eBay item listing;
    • Configure other Digital Delivery options you need for the product;
    • Click Submit to save settings.