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Restricting / pre-screening affiliate sign-ups

You don't have to allow public open enrollment for your affiliate program; if you prefer, you can pre-screen potential affiliates and only let them join with your approval. To do this, you would simply avoid posting any sign-up links on public pages, and instead email your sign-up link URL to affiliates you have approved.
  • If you have already posted your affiliate sign-up links anywhere, remove those links;
  • Wherever you are recruiting affiliates, ask potential affiliates to email you or fill out a contact form to apply for your program;
  • In your Seller Admin > Edit Affiliate Program Settings:
    • Un-check List affiliate program in E-junkie Marketplace;
    • Copy the link URL from your sign-up link code -- the URL will look like this example:
      (note your own link URL will have unique IDs in place of the XXXXXX parts)
  • Once you have approved an affiliate to join, email them your sign-up link URL.