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Set up discount codes for daily-deal coupon sites (e.g. Groupon)

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  1. In your E-junkie Dashboard go to Manage Shop & Discounts > Discounts & Gift Coupons;
  2. Click Add New Discount;
  3. Enter a Discount Name that you'll recognize (e.g., something like Groupon20 for a "$20 value for $10" Groupon deal);
  4. Select Cart Item Total (product-specific discounts would not work here, because they can only alter the per-unit price of the item, not take a single flat amount off the order total);
  5. Enter your Discount Amount as a Flat Amount (e.g., a "$20 value for $10" deal would amount to a $10 discount);
  6. In the Discount Code box, paste a list of pre-generated codes (one code per line);
    • Tip: To generate a list of random codes automatically, you could use a random string-generator site like Random.org/strings;
    • Our discount codes are not case-sensitive (a1b2c3 is treated the same as A1B2C3), so you should generate codes using numbers and/or either all-upper or all-lower case letters (not mixed-case letters); we do not support codes with spaces, dashes, underscores, or any other special characters;
    • You can have up to 10,000 discounts in total configured at any one time (i.e., if you have no other discounts, you could paste a list of up to 10,000 codes for this coupon deal);
    • Be sure to save a separate record of this codes list in a separate text file if you need it, as the codes you paste in here will not be retained in a list format once you create the discount (see final step below).
  7. Optional: enter an Expiration Date if purchased coupons will expire;
  8. Set the Max. Use Count = 1 (so each code can only be used once);
  9. Optional: enter a Min. Item Total for the minimum order you will require (e.g. on a "$20 value for $10" deal, you could require a minimum order of $20 to claim the $10 off, or you could merely require a $10 minimum to recoup what they'd already paid for the coupon deal);
  10. Click Save to add your new Discount—this will generate a series of identical discounts, one for each code you pasted into the Discount Codes box.
NOTE: Your E-junkie subscription plan level determines the maximum number of Free Checkouts (orders with a 0.00 total) you can accept per day; see further details here.