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Integrating E-junkie with Zapier

Zapier works as a "middleman" for integration with hundreds of third-party apps, services, and custom actions. We notify Zapier when we process a sale for you, then Zapier notifies whatever service(s) you wish to perform additional post-checkout actions beyond the standard features we offer or other third-party services we already integrate with directly.

How to integrate E-junkie with Zapier

  1. Click our Zapier invite link;
  2. Login or Sign Up with Zapier to accept the invite;
  3. Once you're signed into Zapier, click Create this Zap;
  4. The New Sale trigger should be automatically selected, so click Save + Continue;
  5. Click Connect an Account;
  6. Enter your E-junkie Login Email and Password and click Yes, Continue;
  7. Click Test to confirm;
  8. Click Save + Continue;
  9. Click Pull In Samples;
  10. Click Continue;
  11. Click Add a Step;
  12. Now you can select and set up the Action(s) that you want Zapier to perform when we notify them of an E-junkie sale.

NOTE: When you set up an Action, you may need to select which data field(s) should be used for what purpose(s) in that Action. Disregard the ones prefixed with Sale (...etc.) — e.g., Sale Payer Email (rather than just Payer Email) — as those are just dummy fields we used to establish our initial integration with Zapier's system.