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Generating SoftwarePassport/Armadillo key codes

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If your software download file will be pre-locked with the SoftwarePassport/Armadillo solution developed by Silicon Realms, E-junkie has a key generator installed for that solution which is available for you to use. This generates a unique alphanumeric key string at random for every transaction according to the SoftwarePassport/Armadillo requirements. If you need to transmit each buyer's generated key to a script URL on your own sytem for some reason, you can do that with our Integration feature.

  • While adding/editing your product, under the Digital Delivery > Deliver Codes section, enable Generated Codes and specify this as the Keygen Script URL:
    • Level - The signature level of the certificate:
      • negative = V1 Unsigned keys
      • 0 to 3 = V2 signed keys
      • 10 to 18 = V3 signed keys
      • 20 to 28 = ShortV3 signed keys (uses ElGamal)
      • 29 = ShortV3 signed key (uses elliptic curve)
    • EncryptionTemplate - The encryption key or "secret phrase" used to generate the security certificate (if your encryption template has any spaces, replace them with either + or %20 in your keygen URL);
    • See your SoftwarePassport/Armadillo documentation for more information, or contact Silicon Realms support if you need advice on the proper Level and EncryptionTemplate parameters to use for keys that will unlock your software.
    E.g., your actual URL may look something like this:
  • If you want the buyer's code displayed on their thank-you page, be sure to put something in the Product Thank-you Page HTML field using [%codes%] wherever you want the buyer's code to be inserted (see our Thank-you Page customization help page for more information);
  • Click Submit to apply the new product settings.
NOTE: If you are using PayPal, please make sure your PayPal account is set to send us order data in Unicode/UTF-8; please see this help page for further details and instructions.