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Adding PayPal API access if you had already done so for another service

If you were previously using PayPal API with another service, the steps to add API access for E-junkie will differ slightly from our usual instructions for new setups:

  1. Log into your PayPal account;
  2. Go to [your name] > Account Settings > Website Payments;
  3. Next to API Access, click Update;
  4. Under Pre-built payment solution click Manage API permission;
  5. On the Manage Third-Party Access page that appears, click Add New Third Party;
  6. Enter our Third Party Permission Username:
    (you can copy and paste to make sure you enter this accurately);
  7. Click the Lookup button. Our partner username will then be verified and you will be shown a list of permissions that you can give us.
  8. Checkmark the following boxes under the list of Available Permissions:
    • ☑Use Express Checkout to process payments
    • ☑Process your customers credit or debit card payments
    • ☑Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions
  9. Click Save.