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Exporting shipping addresses from your E-junkie Transaction Log

Your E-junkie Transaction Log can be downloaded as a tab-delimited text file, with the Shipping addresses comma-delimited within. Once you download that file, here's how you can extract names and addresses suitable for a mailing list:

  1. Open the log file in a spreadsheet program like Excel, iWork Numbers, LibreOffice Calc, or Gnumeric;
  2. Select the entire column of Shipping addresses (just click on the header letter of the column, e.g. Column R) and Copy;
  3. Open a new plain text file -- e.g., using Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac, in plain text mode);
  4. Paste the shipping addresses into that file;
  5. Save that file with a name ending in .csv (e.g. 11May2011shipaddr.csv);
  6. Open that CSV file in your spreadsheet program;
  7. Select the first two columns and go to Insert > Column to get two new, blank columns;
  8. Switch back to your original log file spreadsheet;
  9. Select the entire Firstname & Lastname columns and Copy;
  10. Switch back to the CSV file spreadsheet and then Paste the names into the first two columns;
  11. Save that CSV file spreadsheet;
  12. The format of the resulting CSV file should be suitable for most mailing-list import routines.

As another alternative, if you're a programmer or wish to hire one, you can use our Webhook Integration feature to forward the order data to a custom script that saves the addresses for you in whatever format you wish directly; however, this would not capture address data from past orders, only new orders as they occur. See the Developer Directory link at the top of our site for a list of competent, E-junkie-experienced developers available for hire.