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Sales tax calculation tips for Canadian Sellers (GST/PST/HST)

Some Provinces of Canada charge a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) that inherently combines the Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) with their own Provincial Sales Tax (PST), while others charge PST and GST separately, and still others charge no PST at all and only collect GST. You can configure this properly in E-junkie; just a bit of simple math is required to obtain the proper compounded overall tax rate for each Province:

  1. Go to Seller Admin > Edit E-junkie Cart Sales Tax & VAT Settings;
  2. Under VAT Settings:
    1. Specify Canada as the country from where you will be selling your products;
    2. Check the box if you want E.U. buyers to be charged VAT.
  3. Under Simple Sales Tax Settings:
    1. Checkmark the box for Tax buyer from country;
    2. Select Canada as the Country whose buyers should be charged;
    3. Enter the GST rate appropriate for your products.
  4. Under Advanced Tax Settings, specify an overall HST or GST+PST tax rate for each province that will override the GST-only tax rate, following the example format on that screen; to obtain the HST or GST+PST rate, add the province's PST rate to the GST rate, and specify that combined percentage rate for each province that charges HST or PST (e.g., NL,15.0);
  5. Remember to click Submit to save new settings;
  6. While adding or editing a product, check the Sales Tax/VAT option if you want to charge tax according to your settings on that product;
  7. You must use the standard E-junkie Cart button codes in order to use our cart's tax calculation feature.