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How to view your E-junkie-generated thank-you page

  • Create a secret discount code for 100% off the Item Total (make sure you do set this up to require a Code, or else everyone will get 100% off automatically if you leave the Code blank!);
  • If you are using a Common Thank-you Page URL, temporarily delete that setting;
  • Using the Add to Cart buttons on your site, add any items whose thank-you page(s) you want to view;
  • Enter your 100%-off secret discount code in your cart;
  • Proceed to Free Checkout and complete checkout;
  • This should deliver you to the E-junkie-generated thank-you page for those items;
  • If you leave that thank-you page open in its own tab, you can use it to review ongoing changes as you make them:
    • Use another tab to make changes to your thank-you page customization in Seller Admin;
    • Go back to the tab with the thank-you page;
    • Hold Ctrl when you Refresh that page to view the latest changes you added;
  • You can also bring up the thank-you page for this test transaction (or any past transaction) at any time:
    • Go to Seller Admin > View/Download Logs > Transaction Log;
    • Find the Transaction in the Log;
    • Click on the linked Transaction ID to bring up the thank-you page for that transaction;
    • Note that if you bring up the thank-you page for an old transaction, that page will show the most current customizations for the items ordered in that transaction.
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