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Using a spreadsheet to populate Variants configuration lines

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If you have a product using the "Variants affecting item price/weight/stock/SKU" setting, especially if it has a LOT of possible combinations of options, you may find it easier to use a spreadsheet program such as Excel to help you populate values for your Variants configuration lines:

  • Copy the generic format line from your Variants screen:
    ...OR for an existing product, copy its existing Variants configuration lines;
  • Paste that into the first line of a new spreadsheet file, so that will serve as a row of header labels for each column;
  • Add/edit the corresponding values in subsequent lines for every possible combination of option values (do not use "quoted" values, if possible);
  • Save or Export that spreadsheet as a plaintext CSV (comma-separated values) file without quoted values;
  • Open that file in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac, using plain text mode);
  • Select All and Copy the text from there (delete or omit the generic first line);
  • Paste from there into the appropriate box in our Variants screen;
  • Click Submit to apply the new settings;
  • If you changed the option values for an existing product, recopy fresh Add to Cart button code and repaste that into your page, replacing any button code you'd previously posted for that product.