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ClickBank sales are not being processed by E-junkie

If you are seeing completed orders in your ClickBank account that do not show up in your E-junkie Transaction Log:

  • If you are new to E-junkie or using a new ClickBank account, double-check every step of our ClickBank integration requirements to make sure you haven't overlooked a step or a required setting;
  • Make sure that the order was placed using your E-junkie Buy Now buttons for ClickBank, not using any other purchase buttons you might have on your site;
  • Note that E-junkie will not work with a ClickBank account in Sandbox or Test Mode -- we can only process actual, live payments through ClickBank;
  • Make sure ClickBank has approved your product first, temporarily using a thank-you page with download link on your own site, before you change the product's settings in ClickBank to use E-junkie's thank-you page URL and then start selling the product with E-junkie buttons;
  • Try changing your Secret Key, first in your ClickBank account and then matching that exactly in your E-junkie Seller Admin > Edit Profile screen (use your computer's copy-paste function to make sure they're exactly the same). We have seen this clear up mysterious problems that cannot be otherwise explained by the usual problem of incorrect integration settings or non-E-junkie purchase buttons.
If you do see the order listed in your E-junkie Transaction Log, that confirms we did process the sale, so if the buyer did not find their thank-you email with a link to their thank-you (download) page, please see this page to troubleshoot why the email did not arrive or did not contain a link.