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I have set up PDF Stamping, but my PDF downloads are unstamped

These are the most common problems that would cause PDF Stamping to fail:
  • Make sure you have actually set up PDF Stamping for your product according to our instructions -- uploaded PDFs do not just automatically issue stamped downloads unless the product is properly configured for PDF Stamping;
  • Note that free download links sent to an email list in bulk using our Updates service cannot engage PDF Stamping;
  • Examine your PDF product's Product Notification URL to make sure it exactly matches the URL we provide on our PDF Stamping instructions (e.g., the http:// at the beginning may be duplicated) -- it may be a good idea to just delete the URL you have in the product's settings, copy the URL fresh from our PDF Stamping help page instructions, and paste that in (then be sure to click Submit to apply changes);
  • If the original PDF you uploaded was locked with a password:
    • Make sure you include the password in the product's Product Notification URL for stamping;
    • Use the original file's Master password if it has one, or use the User (read-only) password if it only has that without any Master password;
    • Make sure the file's password compatibility option has been set to "Acrobat 5.0 and later" (or lower), not "Acrobat 6.0 and later" nor higher;
    • Consider uploading an unlocked file, since we add a randomized Master password to every stamped copy, and you can specify a User (read-only) password in the stamper URL.
  • If the PDF you uploaded is larger than about 20 MB, or if you are finding that the initial download is unstamped yet later downloads on the same link are stamped, please see this help page.