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Refunded/Reversed PayPal payments sometimes show odd amounts in my Transaction Log

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When PayPal informs us of a Refund/Reversal, we adjust your Transaction Log to deduct the amounts refunded from the payment amounts we log for the item(s) in that order. PayPal usually reports that payments were refunded in-full, so the logged amounts get amended to 0.00, but sometimes PayPal reports a partial refund amount, so the amended amount(s) shown in the logs would be the unrefunded remainder of the original price paid.

PayPal's refund-reporting leaves much to be desired for consistency and documentation, sometimes reporting partial amounts refunded, sometimes including their transaction fee and other times not, sometimes rolling that fee into the payment amount refunded and other times reporting the fee separately or not at all, so it's been quite confounding for us to accommodate these inconsistencies in any sort of systematic way, as we must in order to write programming for it.

Your E-junkie Transaction Log is really only intended as an order history and should not be used for financial tracking or accounting purposes, as all of the information we can show there is "secondhand", reflecting whatever the payment processor reported to us. If you have concerns about any actual funds paid, reversed, or refunded, you should rely on your PayPal account history to get that data "straight from the horse's mouth", use that history as your primary financial/accounting reference for online sales, and consult PayPal's support staff with any further questions you may have about anything you find there.