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Buyer sees their payment has Unclaimed status, but I don't see any payment

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A payment with "Unclaimed" status usually indicates the payment was sent to an email address which is not yet Confirmed with PayPal, or which is not associated with any PayPal account at all.

In the latter case, we would have cleared your PayPal Email setting as soon as PayPal notified us it didn't match up to any account at their end. To fix this in your E-junkie Dashboard, go to Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile and enter a PayPal Email that matches either the email address you use to log into PayPal or a Confirmed secondary email you've added to your PayPal account.

To get the Unclaimed payment directed to your actual PayPal account, you may simply need to add the email address that payment was sent to as a secondary email in your existing PayPal account and then Confirm that email with PayPal. If you need further assistance to claim the wayward payment, contact PayPal support at 1-888-221-1161. As soon as PayPal notifies our system the payment was claimed and completed, we will process the order as usual.