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Error 1: User authentication failed

This error means your E-junkie Profile settings have PayPal Payments Advanced or PayPal Payflow Link/Pro enabled to accept direct card payments, but either the PayPal Manager credentials you entered for that card gateway are incorrect, or you are not currently enrolled for that extra-cost service upgrade at PayPal's end.

You can resolve this in your E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > Edit Profile > More Payment Options > Accept Credit Cards as follows:

  • If you are not actually enrolled with PayPal for the upgrade to PayPal Advanced or Payflow, you can disable that in your E-junkie Profile under More Payment Options > Accept Credit Cards by selecting PayPal Standard at the top of the menu there, then click Submit to apply changes.
  • If you are enrolled for PayPal Advanced or Payflow, make sure the PayPal Manager Gateway Credentials you have entered there are accurate—in particular, note the Transaction Password must be a minimum of 7 characters, maximum of 16 characters, using letters and numbers only (no punctuation or other symbols), and this should be the PayPal Manager password for the User Login you have entered there (not the password for the Merchant Login nor your main PayPal account login, if that differs). See more detailed setup instructions here: