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Link sent in the Common Thank-you Email redirects to Common Thank-you Page URL rather than download page

The [%thankyou_link%] template variable that can be used in a Common Thank-you Email template inserts the same thank-you URL that a buyer would reach when they proceed to their thank-you page after completing checkout; thus, this activates the same Redirection as you would have configured to happen after checkout.

To bypass this behavior, you can do one of the following:

  • Delete your Common Thank-you Page URL to disable the redirection;
  • Depend on the link provided in the thank-you email we normally send for each individual digital product, in which case you should probably also disable your Common Thank-you Email, or at least remove the [%thankyou_link%] tag from that message template;
  • If you have disabled the product-based thank-you emails to send only a single, Common Thank-you Email for each order, you can add the parameter &noredirect=true after the link variable in your Common Thank-you Email template, like so:


    Bear in mind that this will also suppress the standard header that your E-junkie-generated thank-you pages would normally have, so the page may look a bit bare-bones, showing only an itemized list of items in the buyer's order, along with any thank-you page customization that you have added for those items and in common to all your thank-you pages.