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PayPal and PayPal Pro issues

PayPal and PayPal Payments Proes

The PayPal page is not showing buyers an option to pay with credit card.
That is something which PayPal controls and it depends on various facets like buyer's IP address etc. We have no control over this.


My email is being shown on PayPal page.
If you have a business PayPal account, you can enter your business name in your PayPal Payments Proand that will replace your e-mail OR you can upload your logo from E-junkie Admin > Profile as that will replace your email being shown on your PayPal page.

Payments in my PayPal account are pending. I have to manually approve the payments I am getting in my PayPal account.
If you have received an eCheck payment (when buyer pays using a bank account), the payment will be pending in your account till the payment clears.

Payment can also be pending due your PayPal settings. In this case, when you accept a payment manually the first time, PayPal will ask your preference for such payments and apply them to future payments.

I got an email from PayPal about an order but E-junkie did not process the order.
Make sure that the order you received was initiated from E-junkie buttons and not from any other purchase buttons you might have on your site.


I am using PayPal Payments Proafter entering the credit card details, buyers are getting an "invalid merchant configuration" error.
Make sure that you have accepted the "PayPal Website Payment Pro" agreement in your PayPal account after you have been approved for PayPal Payments Pro

If you have accepted the Pro agreement but are still getting this error, PayPal also occasionally acknowledges the agreement and activates Virtual Terminal but somehow misses activating PayPal Payments Pro itself; if your PayPal "Get Started" summary screen only shows Virtual Terminal and nothing about PayPal Payments Proase contact PayPal support to get your PayPal Payments Pro service activated.

I am using PayPal Payments Proafter entering the credit card details, buyers are getting a "you do not have permission to make this API call" error.
Make sure you have followed the PayPal Payment Pro integration instructions and given us the API permissions from the same PayPal account which is linked to the PayPal email that you have entered in E-junkie Admin > Profile.