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5 Powerful Social Media Tactics That You're Ignoring

5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tactics That You’re Ignoring

Social media marketing is not a new thing and you must be using it already, but are you doing it the right way? With so many tricks and techniques to try here, it’s easy to miss out on some of the most precious tactics that proved to work well in the vast majority of cases.

First of all, try to remember why we are using social networks in the first place:

  • Platforms like Facebook and YouTube attract almost three billion users daily.
  • Each person spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social networks and messaging.
  • Customers report spending up to 40% more money on brands that have interacted with them on social media.
  • More than 50% of consumers use social networks to research products.

Figuring out the importance of social media in modern marketing is easy, but finding the perfect strategy to promote your business is a lot harder.

You probably know and use the standard set of tricks already, but we want to help you augment the process with five powerful social media marketing tactics that most marketers are ignoring. Let’s check them out!

1. Focus On a Few Channels Only

The first tip on our list may seem counterintuitive because you definitely want to raise brand awareness and approach as many people as possible. However, the experience has taught us that it’s not a good thing to waste time and money administering more than three or four social media accounts.

How come?

The answer is simple – your target audience is probably spending the vast majority of time on one or two networks maximum. In such circumstances, it would be foolish to go too wide and create accounts on dozens of platforms.

Jake Gardner, a blogger who creates content for assignment services, shares a great example with us: “Let’s say you are running a B2B organization. Your audience most likely consists of CEOs and senior managers whose favorite social media is LinkedIn, which means you can concentrate most of your efforts on LinkedIn and save some time for up to two other channels.”

In this case, it will probably be Twitter and Facebook. Twitter also attracts a lot of business professionals who use the platform to look for industry-related news, while Facebook represents the largest social network that probably hosts your target audience already.

2. Publish Quality Content Consistently

This may seem like a standard social media marketing tactic, but think twice before you jump to the conclusion. Namely, digital marketers often focus on one type of content such as images or videos, completely neglecting other formats. Besides that, they fail to interact with the audience consistently.

Your job is to be more agile than that and keep in mind the principle of versatility. There are so many content formats you can use to impress the audience and make your social media profiles look more appealing. Here are only some of the options:

  • Purely textual posts
  • Images, memes, and illustrations
  • Graphics, charts, and infographics
  • GIFs and animations
  • Audio podcasts
  • Videos and live streaming

Take your time to think about these formats and make sure to mix the content because it will make your brand more popular among target audiences. At the same time, you should figure out the periods when your audience is active online. Publishing posts at the right moment will help you to grow reach and approach more users organically.

3. Don’t Neglect Live Streaming

We mentioned this type of content in the previous chapter, but it is important to discuss it in a separate section since live streaming is getting increasingly popular worldwide. What makes the format so unique and interesting?

Firstly, social media users love live video because it looks more natural than prerecorded content. Secondly, they can ask questions and for you to respond in real-time. This is a genuine engagement booster that you simply have to exploit.

The only thing that matters is to select the topic carefully and focus on it throughout the video. Don’t let anything disturb you and force you to go too wide. Instead, you should explain your viewpoint and invite followers to ask questions. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, so make sure to add live streaming to the social media marketing strategy.

4. Encourage Employees to Engage

Too many digital marketers forget that employees can be the brand’s best social advocates. After all, they are the ones who know everything about the business and have tons of interesting stories to share with the audience, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

You don’t even have to push it too hard. It’s enough to make a long-term plan and publish one story each week. Your employees can share funny stories, show behind the scene images, and create many other posts that will make the brand feel warm and human.

It won’t only influence the status of the brand on social networks, but also help you to strengthen online reputation among talented professionals. That way, you will become a more desirable employer and it will be easier to convince the most promising talents to join your team.

5. Take Advantage of Social Advertising

One of the reasons why marketers love social media is the fact that they can use it free of charge. While this really is a huge advantage, it doesn’t mean you should run away from social advertising. On the contrary, it’s an excellent marketing tool that enables highly accurate audience targeting.

You don’t even have to spend too much money on social advertising. For example, essay writers at the online assignment help agency often use Facebook and Instagram Ads to reach out to their prospects because it’s a relatively cheap way to achieve instant results.

What we love about Facebook Ads is versatility because you can target three types of user groups:

  • Core audiences
  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences

Using this advertising platform from time to time, you will make sure to approach the most relevant audiences exclusively.


Social networks are one of the most influential channels of digital marketing, so it’s almost impossible to imagine a business not using the likes of Facebook and Instagram for brand promotion. However, way too many marketers rely on the simplest mechanisms to raise brand awareness and generate new leads.

In this post, we showed you five powerful social media marketing tactics that you are ignoring. Remember our tips and make sure to put them into practice – it will help you to give your business a brand new boost in the social media universe.

Justin Osborne is a writer at assignment help and academized reviews, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education, writing and blogging with other people on different blogs and forums. Currently, he is working as a content marketer at assignment writing service and paper writing service.