Product Card

The easiest way to start selling anything online. We automatically create a SEO friendly product landing page, pre-integrated with Google and Facebook analytics. Simply link to it from anywhere.

Start selling in 3 easy steps.

Sell on your website, blog, social networks, Whatsapp, Messenger, everywhere!
Step 1

Link your payment processor.

Step 2

Add your product

Step 3

Copy-Paste the button codes or links in your website, blog or social networks.

How to use E-junkie Product Card?

  1. If you haven't yet, add your product from Seller Admin > Manage Products > Add Product, then:
    • The first time you add a new product, you will arrive at the Button Codes screen.
    • For any product you've already added, go to Seller Admin > Manage Products > Get Buy Now/Cart/Product Card Button and select the product from the dropdown menu.
  2. On the Button Codes screen, select the Product Card tab, then:
    • Copy the Text Link and paste it anywhere—e.g., Facebook, Messenger, iMessage, Twitter, Patreon, WhatsApp, YouTube, E-mail Newsletter—wherever you want to sell your product.
    • If you want to use an HTML button in a web-page or blog, you can copy the HTML Button Code and paste it your HTML editor.
  3. To enter product details, description, etc. to show on the Card:
    • Go to Seller Admin > Manage Products > Edit Products, select the product and click Edit Product Listing;
    • These are the same details we'd show for the product in your optional E-junkie Fat Free Shop in our site's Marketplace;
    • If you just want to use a Product Card without having a Shop page, you can untick Publish product in your E-junkie Shop in the product's listing details.

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