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How to setup your E-junkie Shop

E-junkie Marketplace, Shops, & Product Cards

If you don't want have a Web site of your own or don't want to sell directly from your site, you can create a Shop page in the E-junkie Marketplace for some or all of your products. See our example Shop here.

Once you start a paid subscription with us, your Shop items (and optionally your affiliate program) will be available for search in our online Marketplace.

Please note that E-junkie is not a major shopping destination like eBay or Amazon, so there are not many buyers browsing our Marketplace looking for items to purchase. Adding a Shop page to our site primarily provides a way for search engines like Google to find your products if you don't have a site of your own for them to look up.

Product Cards are a ready-made sales page you can use even without having an E-junkie Shop or a site of your own. Product Cards use the same product listing details as the product's page in your Shop, but you can set up those details for a Product Card without also having to list the product in your Shop.

How to add/edit product listing details for your E-junkie Marketplace Shop & Product Cards:

  1. If you have not yet added the product in your E-junkie Dashboard:
    • Go to Add Product;
    • Our Getting Started Guide is a good overview of what to do there;
    • Once you click Submit for the new product, you will find an Edit Product Listing button you can click to set up your Shop page for that product:

  2. To add/edit your Shop listing for an existing product:
    • Go to Manage Products > Edit/Clone Products;
    • Select your product in the menu;
    • Press the Edit Product Listing button:

  3. Optional: Click the image placeholder to upload images:
    • Any images you'd previously added to your product will also appear here;
    • For best results, we'd advise uploading images pre-sized to 800px wide × 640px tall.
  4. Optional: Enter a Product Tagline (e.g., a brief slogan like "Solves all your image editing needs!");
  5. Optional: Product Description (a short summary of your product);
  6. Enter the Product Details (detailed description, promotional text, etc.):

  7. In the bottom footer, you can tick Show this product in your E-junkie Shop to have the item appear in your Shop in our site's Marketplace:

    Note that box to Show this product... will be ticked by default the first time you load this screen for a new product, but that won't take effect until you click the Save Changes button. You can leave this unticked if you're only using Product Card links to sell your product and don't also want a hosted Shop in our site's Marketplace.

  8. Also in the bottom footer, click the button labelled Product Category & Tags; this opens a panel that controls what searchable tags will apply to your products:
    • Select a main Marketplace Category for your product;
    • Type up to 5 Shop Tags describing your product -- e.g., for an ebook about transcribing legal documents as a home-based business, you might enter:
      work from home
      data entry
    • Optional: Enter a Details URL if you have a page on your Web site with more information about the product;
    • Optional: Enter a Demo Download URL if you offer a free demo download for the product, such as a trial version of your software or an MP3 snippet, enter the URL of that demo file here;
    • click Save Changes and then close this panel.
  9. Click Save Changes and then close this panel;
    (Note that it may take a few minutes for your Shop to pick up changes.)
  10. From here you can return to the Edit/Clone Products screen and repeat the above steps for any other products you want to list in your E-junkie Shop page;
  11. Once you start your paid subscription to E-junkie, products listed in your E-junkie Shop will also be listed in the E-junkie Marketplace.

Customize your E-junkie Marketplace Shop

  1. When you are ready, click the Shop Preferences link to finish setting up your Shop.
    • Your default Shop URL will be:
      ...where XXXXXX is your E-junkie client ID number (which you can find in your E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Seller Account > Account Summary);
    • Optional: You can give your Shop URL a custom name instead:
  2. Optional: By Shop Banner, click the Upload Banner button to provide a custom banner image to appear at the top of your Shop pages;
  3. Optional: By Header/Footer Links, click the Add/Edit Links button to specify extra links you want added to your Shop header or footer;
  4. If you want to rearrange the order in which products appear listed in your Shop, you can choose to Pin products up to move them to the top of the list, or pin them down to move them to the end, or just hide any product(s) entirely.

NOTE: The Shop Preferences screen initially loads with settings that are currently live in your Shop, which may not reflect the latest changes you'd saved there if those hadn't synced to our Shops server yet. This can make it appear those changes reverted or weren't saved, when in fact you just need to wait for those latest changes to sync over to your Shop. Wait a few minutes, then reload your Shop in your browser to see if your changes took effect, then you can reload your Shop Preferences to make further changes.