Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos November 8th 2017

How to create a personal brand in e-commerce: tips that help build trust and loyalty

Personal brand building is an exceedingly "hot" topic for eCommerce businesses today. In fact, developing a personal brand is a mandatory requirement for any company that wants to succeed.

Resources September 13th 2017

How to Grow Your Business by Incorporating Physical Publishing and Fulfilling

Publishing and Fulfillment can be incorporated into any organization that offers digital content. Whether you are a film distributor offering movie streaming, a musician selling music on iTunes, or selling books.

Resources September 7th 2017

Getting into a Super-Competitive Niche: Carving into the Market Share of Giants

Unless you are a genius, who has just invented an absolutely new, never before seen product or service, starting a business means coming to an already existing market divided into established shares.

Resources September 5th 2017

What are the Alternatives to Amazon? Your Publishing Choices

Amazon is known as the 800pound guerrilla in fulfillment and publishing. But is it the right choice for you?

Resources August 31st 2017

A/B Split Testing To Skyrocket Your Website Conversions

No matter how visually compelling your website is impressing users and converting visitors require more than just a pleasing site. It is important for any business to trigger conversions through their online efforts to generate more revenue.

E-junkie Guides August 28th 2017

How To Use E-junkie: How to Pre-Sale Items

It is not uncommon in a business for a new product to be heading to the shelves, or the digital shelves, and for the business to want to presale that item. After all, you may need to know how many you want to have to start, or if it is a downloadable product you want to see how many people are eager for its release.

Resources August 17th 2017

Use E-junkie and Google Sheets to Build a Real-Time Sales Dashboard

It is day two of your product launch. You have worked hard all year to create a fantastic product Everything has been tested and you have told the world about this amazing offer. You know you have sold 100 products so far. But you do not know what has been the most effective in advertising your product.

E-junkie Guides August 14th 2017

How to Use E-junkie: Downloading and Importing the Transaction Log

Being able to download your online transactions to your computer so you can look at them in any format you want is important to any eCommerce business. Luckily with E-junkie you are able to do just that.

Resources August 10th 2017

7 Signs your Home Office is Too Small for You

Once upon a time, your home office was the perfect place from which to conduct your business. It certainly had its benefits - no commute, casual dress code and a well-stocked fridge for mid-afternoon snacks..

Tips, Tutorials, Guides & How-Tos August 8th 2017

Displaying Your Products to Increase Sales

The first order of any business is to make money, and there are a lot of ways to draw your customers into your business. We have talked about advertising previously, and more than once in different ways.