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7 Lead Generation Hacks To Pump Up The Sales Pipeline

7 Lead Generation Hacks To Pump Up The Sales Pipeline

Lead generation is a vital strategy to any organization working in the digital sphere in 2021, and to maximize it most businesses are reexamining their sales pipeline to see how they can convert interested parties into paying customers.

From taking a macro view of your sales architecture to micro-adjusting your buyer personas, there’s something you can do to boost your lead generation at every level. Here are our top lead generation hacks to help you pump up your sales pipeline.

1) Examine Your Pipeline Architecture

Before we get into the nitty gritty of lead generation, let’s take an overview of your sales pipeline. Too many organizations make the mistake of building a sales pipeline of disjointed parts, forgetting about the whole thing. Examining the framework of your sales pipeline so that you know what your customers are experiencing and when enables you to integrate every step, supercharging your lead generation along the way.

2) Get Dead Set On Data

Without data, you’re fumbling about in the dark. Maybe your best guess will hit the nail on the head sometimes, but once you start tracking, analysing and integrating your data into the sales pipeline you can optimize every stage and generate countless more leads.

A lot of organizations get fixated on capturing data without knowing why. Build a coherent data strategy that identifies clear goals - what are you aiming to achieve with this data, what’s the cut-off for that achievement?

3) Optimize Your Buyer Personas

Building accurate buyer personas can see your lead generation rocketing as you successfully target individuals in a way that matters to them. Whilst you probably have a vague idea of how your customer demographics breakdown, it’s important to build nuanced buyer personas - not just broken down by age, but economic status, geographic location as well as personalized values.

4) Building A Model For Better Traffic

Casting a wide net will get as many eyes on your landing page as possible, but if you haven’t targeted the right traffic, your lead generation rates will suffer. You could be doing everything right, but ultimately bringing the wrong people into the sales pipeline.

“Bringing high-quality, engaged traffic into your sales pipeline will maximize your lead generation,” says Carla P. Royster, a business writer at Write My X and 1Day2Write. “Super-targeted ad campaigns across social media, combined with your accurate buyer personas, will bring the right people in.”

5) Avoid Irrelevancy Like The Plague

Segmenting your leads doesn’t just help you better target the things that create urgency and desire in them - it also helps you avoid alienating them by sending misplaced marketing missives. Carrying your customers through the sales pipeline is about building a strong relationship of mutual understanding, and every time you show them something irrelevant to their customer journey you risk pushing them away.

Taking shortcuts and sending marketing material out to all your leads might be quicker, but segmentising your leads will enable you to stay relevant at all times. This ensures your leads know you share their values, and makes it more likely they’ll convert into long-term paying customers.

6) Testing, Testing

No matter how confident you are about your new lead generation brainwave, it needs to be tested. Many organizations become overly focused on the individual parts of the sales pipeline and forget about the overall flow, so when it comes time to test, put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Start at the beginning of the sales funnel and undergo the whole journey - is there anything missing, or does it all move seamlessly from one part to the next?

7) Automate As Much As You Can

“Consistency is the key when it comes to giving customers the best experience. Automating your sales process enables you to make sure you’re giving customers 100%, every time,” says Kenny Williams, a marketing blogger at OriginWritings and Britstudent. Automation takes the day-to-day out of your hands and lets you focus on gaining a deeper understanding of your customers values and demands.

Signing Off

The sales pipeline is never finished - you’ll always be gathering more data about buyer demographics and ad campaign successes. Converting this information into lead generation strategy is the road to supercharged sales pipeline and next level lead generation.

Bio: Regina Wheeler is a digital marketing consultant at Write My Essay and PhD Kingdom. She has been freelancing since 2017 and lives in Tokyo, Japan. You can read more of her work at