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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Redesigning Your Website

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Redesigning Your Website

Sooner or later, almost every webmaster will decide to redesign a website. You could be doing it for many different reasons such as rebranding, changing your business orientation, or expanding the portfolio of products and services.

But in a world where users take merely 0.05 seconds to form an opinion of a website, your redesign strategy needs to be well-planned and carefully executed. A variety of bugs and errors could jeopardize the overall appearance and functionality of your site, so you need to be aware of them well in advance.

We will present you with the eight most common mistakes to avoid when redesigning your website. Let’s take a look!

Doing It without a Clear Objective

What is the purpose of your website redesign? If you cannot answer this question in a single sentence, you should not be taking any action whatsoever. Some webmasters do it just because they think it will be good for their business, but you should not make the same mistake.

You are supposed to have a clear goal. For instance, you notice that the target audience is getting younger and want to refresh the site so as to make it look more appealing to younger generations. In this case, changing a color scheme and other visual details might turn out to be highly productive.

Focusing on Aesthetics and Neglecting Functionality

Another common mistake is to focus on website aesthetics so much that you forget the importance of functionality. The visual appearance of your site is definitely valuable, but it won’t deliver the results you are hoping for unless you make it perfectly functional as well. The point is that all features must work properly before and after a website redesign.

Trying to Do It as Quickly as Possible

An old adage claims that Rome wasn’t built in a day. What does it tell you? The answer is simple – it takes time to complete something as demanding and important as the website redesign.

Pushing it too hard and trying to get the job done as quickly as possible would be like compiling the best paper writing service reviews in a matter of minutes. This is simply not doable and you better dedicate enough time to planning and execution if you want to end up with a well-redesigned site.

Not Doing It Professionally

This one goes without saying, but we have to remind you that web design is supposed to be done by the actual professional. It’s not something your neighbor or nephew can do in his spare time – at least not if you want the site to look great and function properly.

It’s like being a student who needs superior assignment help – your colleagues can probably assist you, but a professional agency like Assignment Geek will do it flawlessly.

Making a Complex Website

One more thing you need to remember is that top-performing websites are usually simple and minimalistic. Redesigning your current website doesn’t mean making it too complex and intricate. On the contrary, the goal is to make it user-friendly and highly intuitive.

Less is more in web design, so you ought to remove irrelevant details and focus on elements that really matter to your company and encourage visitors to engage. Keep it in mind when redesigning your site as it will help you grow conversion rates.

Neglecting Technical Aspects of the Project

There are so many things your business with your HR software need to think about while redesigning a site and it’s easy to forget some of them, particularly the ones related to the technical aspects of website performance. However, such details could seriously slow down your business and you must take care of it on time. That includes the following elements:

  • Mobile-friendliness is critical because the vast majority of traffic comes from smartphones.
  • Page load speed is important because users hate slow websites.
  • Effortless navigation to ensure simpler browsing experiences.

Not Testing It before Going Live

Once the website redesign is over, you must do the last check and test all of its functions before going live with it. It’s a fundamental step because it can prevent a lot of serious issues and protect the reputation of your business. Some of the things you need to test include:

  • Browsing cross-device inspections
  • Contact and opt-in forms
  • 301 redirects
  • SEO tags and content optimization
  • Spelling and grammar check

Failing to Improve the Site Continuously

The website redesign should be over by now, but it doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax for good. A serious webmaster will always be looking for ways to improve the site and keep it up to date with the latest industry developments.

The Bottom Line

Even the most beautiful website will become inefficient or obsolete at one point, so you’ll need to change it in a way that suits your current business objectives. In this post, we described eight mistakes everyone should avoid when redesigning a website. Have you ever thought about any of these website redesign blunders?


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