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A/B Split Testing To Skyrocket Your Website Conversions

No matter how visually compelling your website is, impressing users and converting visitors require more than just a pleasing site. It is important for any business to trigger conversions through their online efforts to generate more revenue. Markets focus on acquiring new customers through landing pages, online campaigns with a user-friendly web experience. Although there is nothing wrong with giving more attention to customer acquisition, the bitter truth remains that conversions are more important than traffic.

When a large percentage of visitors leave your website without signing up or return without purchasing, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. This is where AB tests come into the picture. These evaluations help you identify what works with your audience and what doesn’t. Making efforts only on customer acquisition without AB tests gives you the same result as pouring water into a bucket full of holes.

Conversion optimization begins with evaluating a website’s sales funnel. Marketers and business owners must find ways to figure out unique ways of converting more customers by analyzing the traffic statistics. Once this analysis is done, they need to come up with hypotheses for testing them to trigger more conversions. Here are some real-time examples of how A/B testing worked for these websites.

How Effective Is an Explainer Video to Increase the Signup Rate?
Being a SaaS product, Crazy Egg works by helping users learn where exactly web visitors click. Although it is a well-known company, spelling out their service to new visitors was difficult during their initial days. For explaining the actual purpose, Crazy Egg used a long sales page as their homepage. But the problem remained the same. Online visitors, notorious for having short attention spans, were less interested in reading a detailed sales page. To figure out a more interesting way to explain their purpose without a sales copy, Crazy Egg decided to add an explainer video to the homepage.

The Result
The conversion rate of the website increased by 64% after adding the explainer video.

Don’t hesitate to inquire your visitors about what’s stopping them for signing up or buying your products. Visitors of Crazy Egg answered they could not point out any notable differences between Crazy Egg and an overlay report of Google Analytics.

Removing the Navigation Menu on a Landing Page offers degrees and diplomas in a wide range of educational disciplines. The business covers a college that provides various educational programs by enrolling students in their programs. The college decided to spend on PPC advertising to build their e-mail list for converting more students. The PPC campaign was previously converting at 3.12%, which is a decent rate. Yet, they decided to A/B test their landing page to remove the navigation menu, for boosting the rate. The test was implemented for 23 days by acquiring traffic through Google AdWords.

The Results
The conversion rate increased from 3.12% to 13.64% at the end of the test.

If a business is acquiring PPC traffic, all traffic should be driven to a customized landing page and not to a homepage. Thousands of WordPress websites choose the easiest way out by creating a landing page with the existing theme template. Some don’t want to hire expensive design services to get a landing page. However, you can easily find affordable landing page web designers for increasing your conversion rates. Optimizing the form is just as crucial as creating a landing page. Avoid using the default form, which is on your landing page, and use free plug-ins for creating stunning forms.

Final Thoughts
There are many other ways of A/B split testing to increase your website conversions. Before testing each one, make sure you conduct tests and research to get maximum results. All testing situations are different since every audience behaves differently. Do not follow others blindly and take them as inspirations only.

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