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Advertising with Facebook

As you undoubtedly know, you can use Facebook to advertise your business; and with multiple forms of advertising available on Facebook, as well as different ways to use those forms, there is sure to be a style that will work for your business.  But how often do you open up your Facebook account so you can see what’s for sell?  After all it’s not Amazon.

Advertising your business on Facebook can be tricky.  What format do you choose?  How do you decide what to spend?  Do you target everyone or just a core audience?

These are just a few questions you will want to consider and the answers are going to vary, not just on your business, but also on who your demographic is for your advertising.  Lets consider some of the advantages, and disadvantages of advertising on Facebook.

One of the great things about advertising on Facebook is that they have over a billion users.  This means the potential for many people all over the world to see your advert, remember if someone likes or comments on a post/ad, it might pop up in their friends’ feed.  At the same time, with many people having a large number of friends on Facebook, people may gloss over the ads, be they targeted directly at them or a friend.

People who purchased your product and see the post can comment right there on your ad/post.  This can be both an advantage and disadvantage.  The people might talk up the product(s) they purchased, but at the same time they may talk about how displeased they were.  But you can turn that into an advantage as well; if you see something like this and get to it quick enough, you can diffuse the situation by addressing the complaint directly.  By doing this you can show that you are concerned about customer happiness not just to previous buyers but potential new buyers.  This is why it is important to keep track of your Facebook ads and account.

Price is another great aspect to advertising on Facebook.  Their pricing starts as low as one dollar.  Remember as with any other type of advertising, you get what you pay for.  If you do not want to put much money into it, than fewer people will see it, this is not a disadvantage as much as it is a simple fact of being when it comes to advertising.

With a number of options to advertise on Facebook, it may be difficult to decide which one you want to use.  But you may want to consider a two or three prong approach to advertising on Facebook.  For example, Facebook has an advertising option where you can enter in email addresses and if those addresses match any in Facebook’s database they will see your advertising (these really should come from a mailing list created by previous buyers or people who opt-in to your list in some other way).  So this is a way to use the mailing list you have from your business.  After that you can then choose to use Facebook tools to create a look-alike group to target people who may not already know about you, but in some way match the target group you already have set-up.

Another advertising approach that is available via Facebook is to provide similar ads to different portion of your target group.  Splitting them based on age, location, etc.  Then using some of the tools that Facebook provides you can track which ones seem more likely to follow the ad links.  This is a nice tool, and will allow you to better track who is interested enough in your product to go to your site and if you are using a tracking pixel, you can even track which ones are purchasing your products.  All of this will allow you to refine your advertising dollars on Facebook.
This is only a couple of ways you can go about advertising on Facebook.  You can go directly to their page for advertising to learn more and decide which one will work best for you.

While it may be difficult to advertise with Facebook, it is not impossible and if done right it can help your business.  You just need to avoid the potential pitfalls and don’t give up too quickly; many ad campaigns fail because people expect it to work right away, and stop after a week or two.

Good Luck and Good Sales