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Blogging as a Business in 2020, Pros and Cons

Blogging as a Business in 2020, Pros and Cons

Is there anything better than writing a blog and getting paid for it? If you are a writing freak like me, I bet you see blogging as a genuine business opportunity. Content creation allows you to do the thing you really love and get paid for it on the go.

But you are not in this alone because millions of other online authors already run their own blogs. In such circumstances, many writers can’t help but ask – does it pay off to focus on blogging as a business in 2020?

It’s not possible to give you a straightforward answer, so let’s discuss it from a different point of view. I present to you the pros and cons of professional blogging.

Advantages of Starting a Blogging Career

We open the story with the pros of being a professional blogger. Here are five highly practical advantages:

  • Little to no upfront costs: What does it cost to launch a blog? The answer is simple – almost nothing. If you want a totally cost-free solution, you can use open-source blogging platforms such as WordPress and build a website with ready-made templates. Contrary to all other businesses, blogging can be done with little or no upfront costs whatsoever.
  • No technical knowledge required: Apart from launching a blog (which is a semi-automated process), no technical knowledge is required to become an online writer. Content management systems have become so intuitive and user-friendly that even first-time bloggers can get the whole thing going within minutes. It’s a serious advantage compared to all other types of businesses.
  • Reach the global audience: Who can read your blog? You are going to love the answer because every Internet user out there can find and consume your content. According to the report, there are more than 4.5 billion Internet users in the world today and that is how large the total market really is. Of course, you will focus on the target audience only, but the good thing is that the Internet recognizes no borders.
  • Become a key opinion leader: The goal of every blogger is to be recognized and acknowledged as one of the key opinion leaders in a given niche. If you publish high-quality content consistently, rest assured you are going to stand out in the crowd of bloggers and grow the number of loyal followers quickly.
  • Blogs are easy to monetize: One of the crucial benefits of blogging is that you can monetize the business in a variety of ways. There are dozens of proven monetization methods, but we will point out only a handful:
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Display advertising
    • Sponsored posts
    • Selling premium content
    • Selling physical or digital products
    • Accept donations

Disadvantages of Being a Professional Blogger

You’ve seen the pros of starting a career in blogging, but what about the cons? You ought to pay attention to the following downsides:

  • Competition: Do you know that over 600 million blogs are alive and kicking in 2020? It’s a mind-blowing number that proves how difficult it is to find your place in the blogging sun and make a business of it. If you are eager to become a professional blogger, you better prepare to compete with some serious online writers.
  • Consistency is fundamental: Bloggers who publish only one post a month (no matter how great it may be) cannot expect to win over thousands of followers. Consistency is fundamental in blogging as you’ll have to keep delivering amazing articles week after week.
  • It demands expert knowledge: Almost every successful blogger out there is a niche expert who knows pretty much everything about a given field of interest. There is no room for Jack of all trades - professional bloggers have to dig deep and impress the audience with practical experience, clever insights, and various points of view.
  • Blogging is a process: If you are hoping to earn money through blogging instantly, you better give up right now. Blogging is a process and you might be working for free for a long time before you actually start making money. A decent blog needs six to 12 months to break through and earn higher positions in search engine results.
  • It takes money to scale the business: Authors who want to build the best essay writing service and scale the business will also have to invest money. You will use the budget to hire additional writers, promote the blog, and purchase automation platforms that simplify content creation.
  • Up to You!

    Blogging is one of the best ways to do the things you like and get paid for it, but it does not guarantee success to anyone. This career path has its pros and cons, but that doesn’t make it much different than any other business out there. The bottom line is that there is always enough room for high-quality authors, so it’s up to you to answer the challenge and prove your worth!


    Bill Genes is a blogger and a member of several college paper writing services in San Francisco, California. He loves writing about digital marketing, social media, business, and finance. Besides that, Bill is a professional tennis player and he has written the novel “The Silence”.