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Business 101: Social Video Marketing

Social video has become a hugely effective marketing tool, particularly for online businesses. Next year, online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion. And 52% of consumers say watching product videos gives them more confidence in their purchasing decisions. By 2017, video will account for a whopping 69% of all consumer internet traffic.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine are all popular social networks that you can use to disseminate videos you create to promote your brand. Consider your goals, where your audience is and get to shooting. We'll help you make some decisions on how to edit your raw video into a final product. You don't need fancy gear necessarily, you just need good ideas and a willingness to learn how to execute that vision.

Vine and Instagram make it easy to upload very short videos (5 seconds for Vine, 15 seconds for Instagram). Unlike some of the other social networks, promoting these posts is not possible but if you invest in growing an audience, these social networks can help you boost your business, and you'll only need your phone and a (free app).

If you invest in learning how to edit raw video, you can create a compelling package that seriously promotes your brand and drives sales. You can then disseminate that video (with an ad budget behind it even) on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Here are some options to help you up your game...

The cheapest option for video editing are to go with the ones built by the companies that made your operating system. In both cases these might already be on your computers.

  • Microsoft MovieMaker - If you are using Windows 7 or higher, and do not have MovieMaker you can get it from Microsoft. It is a free option, and part of Windows Essentials 2012.
  • Apple's iMovie - Your video editing option for your Mac. In some cases you will already have iMovie installed on your Mac. If for some reason you do not, you can get it from Apple.
  • Youtube also provides a video editing option within their system.

From there you move into the options that have a higher price tag on them.

  • Adobe Premiere(Elements/Pro) - As part of Adobe's Creative Cloud you can get Premiere starting at $20 a month. Adobe Premiere is available for both Mac and Windows.
  • Pinnacle Studio - Not as well know as some of the other options out there. At only $60 it provides a lot of punch. Pinnacle is available for Windows, but also for Apple's iOS, making it a great option for people wanting to edit on their iPads.
  • There are a number of other mid-range/mid-price range options out there and a number provide a free trial, so it might be worth checking different ones out to find the one that matches you best.

Finally, we have the high end options. We know video marketing can be hugely effective and it can be worth investing in.

  • Final Cut Pro - Final Cut Pro, or Final Cut Pro X, like iMovie is made by Apple but it is far more advanced than iMovie. With a price of $299, if you have the need, want or urge to get this program it will take your video editing much further. Final Cut Pro has been used by big film companies for editing, including for the 2010 remake of True Grit, The Social Network, which won the Oscar for Best Editing 2010, and the 2011 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which won the following year.
  • Sony Vegas Pro - Sony Vegas Pro is a pretty costly video editing program, at $600. But it does have power behind it. Sony Vegas Pro is only available for Windows.
  • AVID Media Composer - This might be the cream at the top of the video editing software options but it comes with a hefty price tag at $1300. AVID is available for both Mac and Windows. Like Final Cut Pro, AVID has been used for big budget films like Avatar, the Avengers and The Hunger Games.

Whatever your thoughts are, if you are considering advertising, consider integrating video into your strategy. Who knows, you might be the next Instagram or Vine King.

Good Luck and Good Sales!