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5 Signs Its Time to Hire a New Employee

For any business, there comes a point when you need to hire someone new. Even for an e-commerce business, this can certainly be the case. Needing to hire a new employee means that your business is doing well, but if you don’t embrace change, that could go downhill rapidly. Here are 5 signs that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. You are turning business away
If you are having to turn clients away because you simply can’t fit their orders in, then it’s time to expand as soon as possible. Any client that you turn away is likely to go elsewhere, and once they build up brand loyalty with someone else, you are unlikely to lure them back. That lost business is also lost potential for profit. With someone new on your team, you can fill more orders and make your business work harder.

2. You are working too hard
Speaking of working hard, there comes a point where even a self-made entrepreneur has to draw the line. If you are burning the candle at both ends and running yourself ragged, it’s time to bring in a helping hand. Two minds can get a lot more done than one, and you might actually be able to enjoy some much-needed downtime. This is hugely important, especially if you are getting to the point where you don’t even have time to take care of administrative tasks like accounting.

3. You have no time to hire
The irony of being rushed off your feet may well be that you haven’t had time to assess whether you should hire someone new. If it has been playing at the back of your mind for weeks, and this is your first chance to actually look into it, then it’s a big sign that you need a new employee. Hiring doesn’t have to take a lot of time out of your day. You can use a job board like Gumtree to get a listing out quickly, and to filter through applications at a rapid rate.

4. You have knowledge gaps
Are you finding that something keeps coming up and you have no idea what to do about it? Whether it’s marketing, social media, accounting, or other aspects of ecommerce, it’s important that you fill your knowledge gaps with your employees. When there’s something you don’t know how to do, it’s better for your business if you get a professional on board. With that knowledge gap filled, you can cover all bases easily and ensure that your business goes from strength to strength.

5. Your quality is suffering
When preparing orders for clients, you probably started off doing everything with care and attention. You would hand wrap each item, add a handwritten note, and get it off to the customer as quickly as possible after their order came in. These days you just shove everything into a parcel and send it off just barely within the deadline. It’s a clear sign that you need someone to help out. Your customer service and the quality of your products shouldn’t suffer, and if it does, you need to stop it. Get things back to the way that they should be with another pair of hands on deck.

Hiring a new employee can be a little intimidating, especially if you wonder whether your profits will hold up to the strain of a new salary. But it’s also necessary for your business to grow. Take that next step as soon as any of these warning signs appear, and your growth will be manageable as well as strong.

Angela Livingston is a content writer and online marketing expert. She likes to analyze the latest ecommerce and technology trends. When not working, you can find her strolling the nearest park with her dog.