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How to Create an E-junkie Custom Thank You Page

Last week we posted about how to customize the E-junkie Thank You E-mail your buyers get after checkout. This week we are going to go over how to customize the Thank You/Download Page your buyers will be sent to after they check out.
Just like with the Thank You E-mail, the Thank You/Download Page you can be customize the page at both the general level and at a product specific level.  Also, like the e-mails there are some variables that you can only use at the general level.  But it does have a nice advantage over the e-mails, and that is the options to include HTML code for the page.
To customize the thank you page at a general level you will need to start by clicking on the Edit Preferences option on the right side of the Seller Admin page:

Once the page opens you will need to scroll down until you reach the Thank-you Page Customization option.  In the Common Thank-you Page HTML you can add in the text, and if you want basic HTML, so it will look more to your liking:

Once you are done with your customization you will need to click Submit to save the new settings.
On this page, also pay notice to the Upload Your Logo button.  This button will allow you to Upload an image file for your company logo and that image will be added to the thank you page as well.