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How to Discover the Best Products for Your Online Store

With the economy today it is not unusual for people to want to look in to starting a small online, or e-commerce, business to make a little extra money. While it can be rewarding to do so, you will want to find the best possible products to sell; as well you want your products to be unique.  But how do you discover if products are a good idea for your e-commerce business.

The simplest way to do this is to be a super-affiliate for merchants selling online, or looking to sell online.  While some people make money on this, not all do.  Your site comes down to directing people to one of many other sites in the hopes of earning a commission on a sale that might go through.

But if you are looking to sell your own products you need to find that one, or more than one, product that will make you money, but how should you go about it, here are some ideas to help you find that product.
  • Look at the Real World
    • Think about products you see in the real world all the time that you do not see online.  There might be a niche that is not being filled for the online market.  True Amazon seems to sell just about everything, but that doesn't mean your potential idea is already there.
  • Checkout what is popular online currently
    • Many “clickbait” sites like Upworthy, Buzzfeed and BoredPanda, to name just a few, have pages or feature to show current products.  Maybe a current popular product needs to be tweaked a bit to allow it to appeal to a different audience, maybe that is the idea you are looking for.
  • What about Social Media?
    • What is trending currently on Twitter, or FaceBook, etc?  Something that is trending may give you an idea of where to start with a product, maybe it will help you determine your target market.
  • What's selling big right now?
    • What are high selling items online and in the real world?  Can you put a spin on those products to make them your own and appeal to a bigger audience, or a niche audience?

There are many different types of products out there.  What is it that you want to sell?  Are you looking to sell items with a big price tag, or small items as extra income?  These are questions you need to ask yourself.  And once you find them, a good business plan may be all that is in between you and running your own business.

Good Luck and Good Sales.