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How to Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic

It also keeps your websites, marketing schemes, or affiliate programs from crashing and burning to the ground! This lens showcases the in's and out's of learning how to increase your website traffic!

Where Should I Start?

You can make one of the most professional and eye-pleasing sites ever, but you will have lost precious time and effort if no one is viewing your page. If it is traffic that you want, you will want to try driving traffic using several different advertising tools.

SEO is of the utmost importance when starting. It is a source of countless "targeted" page views if done correctly, although how to do that correctly is another topic altogether. There is a lot that goes with being successful in SEO, most sometimes will not try to utilize it. Even some of those who try to tackle it may not understand it well enough to make it work the way they want. So Beyond SEO What else do those who lack the information needed to run a successful SEO campaign have to use?

It depends on your budget. Little to no budget? Consider free traffic exchanges, posting useful and informative responses on forums, exchanging links with webmasters who own content websites, submitting to search engines, and writing articles. These are all great resources to use and most are free. If you have a budget, you can use the paid versions of traffic exchanges, google Adsense, buying ad space on established websites.

Paying produces quicker results, but it’s the free tools like writing articles and posting in forums that will be most effective, resulting in long-lasting effects. Just keep in mind the more tools you use in your traffic gaining goals the more successful you will be.

Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Are you a member of countless traffic exchanges and spend hours surfing or buying tons of credits, yet you receive dismal results for your efforts? Two questions often come from this realization to many people because of a couple of facts that you may be unaware of (Which will be mentioned shortly below), and those questions being:

  • * What am I doing wrong?
  • * What is wrong with this thing?

If you asked the first question then you are headed in the right direction. If you asked the second, then you need to understand that you must see every program that you sign up for as a tool, very much like a shovel. When you pick that shovel up for the first time you must learn how to use it. If you don't learn how to use it properly, it does more bad than good. You may get holes dug, but you hurt yourself in the process. You also can't expect that shovel to dig the holes for you. It takes action on your part to make it work. By the way, that last line is important to your success, "It Takes Action". So prepare to take action and consider the following question:

How Would I Go About Getting Better Results From Traffic Exchanges?

The million-dollar answer is...

I Need To Learn The Importance Of Branding My Name And How To Properly Build My List.

That's right, learning how to use traffic exchanges does not start by learning how to use the traffic exchanges themselves. It starts with you understanding the power of two key principles and then applying those principles within the traffic exchanges that you use. Those two principles are:

  1. Branding yourself and your name over an extended period is the best way to increase opt-in results, build relationships and gain trust from the traffic exchange audience.
  2. Building a list of targeted opt-in subscribers is the best way to build residual profits from those traffic exchange opt-ins.

It is important that understand the importance of brand awareness and building your list.

Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Yes, they do, but you have to understand how to properly use them and they are some of the best tools available if you want to build your list of opt-in subscribers. What I call the jewel of the net for doing just that.

Keep Them Coming back!

So you have just joined countless free exchanges, done an excellent job with your SEO, and continue to write excellent articles. Resulting in plenty of visitors to your site or sites. Do you know how to keep them coming back?

Three tricks to "keeping them coming back" are:

  1. Provide them with constantly updated and fresh content.
  2. Have an auto-responder in place to allow them to sign up for a newsletter or site updates.
  3. Have a reason for them to bookmark your page.

Simple right? We wish. There is so much more that goes along with each of those steps.

Let’s start with step one, are you updating your content daily or weekly? And if so is it the kind of quality that will have someone wanting to return? Some of the best site content is the content that is helpful to those interested in it. Try to leave out adverts and links to "buy this" or "sign up for that". Instead focus on building your relationship of trust with your guest, by offering useful free content full of ideas and info.

Now if you have done a good job with step one then they will imagine that if this is what you offer for free, no strings attached, then what will I be privy to in the newsletters or updates? Content in your newsletters and updates should include links that are similar to the content that they were initially interested in or offer more help for them.

Step three will happen on its own accord if you have taken the time and effort to show your guest that you indeed have something of worth to share with them.

Always remember you may view every guest on your website as a potential customer, but if you start off treating them as so, you will lose them just as fast. You can gain everything you could ever want if your willing to offer the same to others.

Don't Give Up!

Is your patience wearing thin with all the free or paid programs that you signed up for? All of which promised to deliver, then seem to be falling short of your needs. Believe it or not, there are no systems or programs that can assure targeted traffic to your website. It only takes you.

Ok, allow me to rewind just a bit, keep in mind that this does not mean the programs you may have signed up for are no good. They may be some of the best of their kind. But you must understand that they WILL NOT do all the work for you. Lots of webmasters get frustrated and give up on programs that give little results to no results quickly, but what you must remember is that you get what you put in. Consider instead each program that you sign up for as a tool, to be used towards your online goals. A tool like a shovel. Say you needed some holes dug, would you lay the shovel on the ground and then expect it to start working away? Of course not. It is a great tool, although it needs you to use a certain amount of energy for it to reach its true value as a useful tool.

A lot of the frustration comes from simply not knowing how to properly use the tools that you have at hand to reach their full value. Try as you may, it could very well seem as if nothing you are trying is working. You may say I know I tried everything, but have you taken the time to truly research if and why it's not working? Or have you simply noticed little to no change on your site's hit counter and decided that it is not working.

It boils down to research, and this is where the successful moneymakers online excel. If they have their link posted anywhere, on any program, or site; they have a way to see how many times people clicked through, what page those people were on prior, what browser those people were using, what country they were from, almost everything except a social security number. And does something like this cost? Nope, you can find it for free on the web. So once again this is where research, time, and patience come into play.

About the author: Erica R. Gibson is a technological writer at the service where everyone can ask to write an essay. She is highly interested in keeping up with advancing technologies. In this case, she spends her spare time reading various blogs to obtain new knowledge and improve her professional skills.